Women's Giving Circle of State of the Heart Care

Addressing critical financial needs of State of the Heart Hospice
Founded in 2013, the Women’s Giving Circle encourages women who have financial strength to assist others individuals in need of a helping hand by contributing:

• Ongoing assistance to the State of the Heart Care Center

• An ongoing fund for current State of the Heart initiatives

You may become a member of the Women’s Giving Circle by pledging $1,000 per year.

• Members may donate at that level or opt to give at a higher level.

Our link to State of the Heart Hospice
Monies donated to The Women’s Giving Circle are collected and managed by a 501c (3) organization.

• Contributions are tax deductible.

• The Women’s Giving Circle operates on a July 1 – June 30 fiscal year.

Managing our funds and distributing grants
Funds collected by the Women’s Giving Circle are divided based on a
percentage split.

• All departments within State of the Heart Care are
encouraged to apply for the yearly grants.

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