Corynna's Wish

Do you have a special wish? Or does your loved one have a wish that they would like to see fulfilled?  Perhaps a visit with a high school friend in another city that requires some traveling would be enjoyable, rekindling a friendship. Or, you might want to see a long lost relative who cannot afford the expense of a trip. These are all possibilities by State of the Heart Care's Corynna’s Wish program.

Corynna was an inspiration to thousands of people who followed her journey on Facebook as she brought attention to the fatal disease which took her life – Mitochondrial Disease.  Her strength in facing death and determination to educate the public about Mitochondrial Disease was inspiring.  She passed away in 2013.  An important part of her message was the belief in “paying it forward.”  If someone does something good for you, do something good for another person.  She found that many helped her so much and through her love, she wanted others to be helped.

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